Monday, September 12, 2011

The start of my "To-Do" list!

1. This idea has been in my head for SUCH a long time! The duvet cover in Caroline's bedroom is the Julianne set from Pottery Barn Kids. Seen in this picture here!

I am in LOVE with it and have decided since seeing that blog that I MUST make this for her room! I will probably use all white dishes, unless I can possibly find some with some matching pinks, but overall, I think this is a really do-able and fun thing for her room!

2. I have zero artistic capabilities when it comes to painting/drawing, but my hopes is to one day get a set of three canvases and either paint by hand three separate teacups or pots that match her bedding as some sort of wall art! I am secretly hoping someone who can paint watercolor will offer to do it for me at a cheap price. I think it would look great that way!

3. Another Caroline room to-do, but won't be able to be done for a long time yet? Caroline has an AWESOME youth, all wood furniture set that we got for a steal off Craigslist. (Will add pictures later!) But since we get to experience the joy of apartment living, I don't really have a way to refinish/repaint them the way I'd like to.

4. We have two large living room walls that I have yet to hang a single thing up on! I could not decide what I wanted but I have now figured it out. I am going to recreate (to the best of my ability) the picture wall seen here on the Young House Love blog! I have already started saving some images of printable art and dreaming about what photos I want to hang! Eek!

5. Last but not least, at least for now...I was given an extremely old rocking chair that has been in my family for years. It makes wretched noises when actually rocked, and the spindles on the arms are not in place like they should be, but it is still such a gorgeous piece and I love it! Well, the cushion of the chair is gross, and I don't love "it," but that is my last to-do! I plan to tear it apart, and recreate a new seat cushion in some sort of green fabric to match my living room - thinking about some sort of yellow pattern or a green stripe? Hmm...Pictures of the awful chair to come soon! :) Just so you can laugh at me, pretty much my whole "decor" (which consists of basically nothing) my plan is to match it with this pillow, that I bought from Ikea when we first moved in.

Pretty huh?

Well, that's all for today, and granted it's just a bunch of rambling, but it's all I got!

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